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Blogathon: 7 Films That Make Me Cry


This post is part of the “No You’re Crying!” Blogathon, which is taking a look at all of the different films that have moments that make us cry! Let’s face it we just love to have a good cry at a film, it really does help at times! At one point they did not really effect me very much, but now I cry for all different reasons when watching a film. So with this list I have tried to pick the seven films which have made me cry (and sob) the most considering the list in general would be rather long now. I have mixed it up a little bit with the truly sad and extremely romantic moments.

I must also warn you that due to this blog post looking at different parts of films it therefore will contain some SPOILERS.



Elizabethtown (2005) Review

Drew Baylor a shoe designer has just cost his company one billion dollars. He therefore decides that the shame would be too much that he will commit suicide, something worse happens though when he finds out his father has just died. He must be the responsible one and bring him back from Elizabethtown.


Musical Moments – Rocky Horror

Tonight I am heading to see the Rocky Horror at the Theatre (yes really again) it’s the first UK tour since 2013 although it doesn’t really feel that long ago. So I thought what better musical moment to have today than an absolute classic scene from the film version . . .


Top 100 Romantic Films: 21-30

And here we go with the next 10 . . .


The Last of Robin Hood (2014) Review

A film looking at the final days of actor Errol Flynn and the interesting relationship he shared with Beverly Aadland . . .


Musical Moments – Shall We Dance?

The first time I saw this film I fell in love with Richard Gere even more, mainly due to this scene as well. Which yes I will admit it made me cry my eyes out, I honestly think its just so romantic and the song fits it all together even better. I think the song on its own could bring a tear to the eye but add in the story in the film and the build up to this moment.

Richard Gere . . . A Tux . . . A Rose . . . An Escalator …

Arbitrage (2012) Review

Robert Miller is a very successful business man, has a good family and a daughter who is ready to take over the business. But everything is thrown into turmoil when his life suddenly catches up with him. Fraud has been committed and then one night with his mistress and a car crash everything has the potential to fall apart . . .


Cloud Atlas (2012) Review

The film has six different stories going on, all set in different times, it flashes backwards and forwards between the different scenes showing how a soul is impacted from one life to the next. Your actions will mould the soul and this will impact the next body it is in.


The Big Wedding (2013) Review

The Big Wedding has a very impressive cast, with what ends up a rather complicated plot, but plenty of laughs throughout.


Top 10 – Movie Queens

This day marks the Diamond Jubilee for Queen Elizabeth II which is just an incredible occasion. I therefore decided to make a top 10 list of movie queen’s we have seen over the years!

God Save The Queen!