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Recreating the Movie 11 – Lego Batman!

I decided to wait a few days before adding another movie recreation to the blog after the London trip last week. The Lego shop recently opened in Leicester Square but it has always had a queue and I decided it wasn’t really worth queuing, how wrong that is! Such an impressive shop with so many incredible Lego creations.


With Lego Batman movie out they had a very cool Batman made from Lego! I still need to try and see the film!


Recreating the Movie 10 – Forest Gump

It’s ok to bring a feature back after 5 years without a post right? Well, I think it has to be and this is certainly something I will look to continue with. When I was down in London on  Wednesday we wandered into the shop at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co which is a fantastic restaurant, considering this is a place I have been to three times for food, I had not once noticed the bench with the case and box of chocolates on it!

In that moment I decided that I just had to recreate the movie and be Forest Gump sitting on the bench!


Recreating the Movie 9 – Phonebooth

Another Lego adventure whilst in London, this time ending up in a Phonebooth with the phone ringing . . .

Recreating the Movie 8 – The Queen

Another of the movies I managed to recreate whilst in London involved the Queen herself . . . in Lego form, but this is The Queen!

Recreating the Movie 7 – Skyfall

The weekend in London was very successful and I even ended up featuring in the new Bond film Skyfall as I was about to go in Harrods. From no where James Bond appeared with a gun . . .

Recreating the Movie 6 – Harry Potter

At the weekend I went down to London and took a little visit to Platform 9 and 3/4 whilst in King’s Cross. So this is perfect for recreating the movie and getting Harry Potter involved in it!

Recreating the Movie 5 – Green Lantern

Since my dad went to see ‘Green Lantern’ a couple of months back now, it has been quite a standing joke between us. At a funday on Sunday, he then decided to have the green mask painted on his face. For that very reason I thought it was the perfect time to bring back recreating the movie for the 5th time with my dad . . . the Green Lantern!

Make’s him even geekier the fact that he had the Green Lantern cap on too!!!

Recreating the Movie 3 – The Day After Tomorrow

Inspired by the amount of snow we have had over the past few weeks, taken on new year’s day.

Recreating the Movie 2 – Bend it Like Beckham

The second in the series of recreating the movie, has come from inspiration of my favorite thing football . . . so Bend it like Beckham. From a game I was playing in a couple of years ago now.

Recreating the Movie

After making the first post in what I hope to be a regular feature on the blog, and it being well received thus far and receiving quite a lot of views in a day. I have seen been looking through my photos in order to find pictures which can relate to a movie or movie scene. So I should have some material for this section for a couple of weeks, but now with the incentive to think movie moments at all times and capture the moments in pictures!!!

Look forward to seeing The Proposal, The Wrestler, Titanic and many more . . .