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Behind the Candelabra (2013) Review


The film chronicles the love story between Liberace and his young lover Scott Thorson over a six-year period.



Unlocked (2017) Review


A CIA worker is lured back into interrogation when a major attack is about to happen in London.


Catherine Zeta Jones & Michael Douglas

I really do just feel that I totally have to fangirl over this picture, which I did but it also deserves to have a blog post about it. I couldn’t help but totally love this photo, which was taken a couple of days ago before Catherine was due to perform at Carnegie Hall (CZJ Facebook). As Michael is showing the devotion and support to his wife, the way they are looking at each other really is something else!



Beyond the Reach (2014) Review


Madec is a corporate high roller who will stop at nothing to get exactly what he wants. Ben his young guide is for more than he bargained for on the hunting trip which certainly does not go to plan!


The In-Laws (2003) Review


Jerry Peyser lives a very safe and normal life which is about to be turned upside just before his daughters wedding when he meets Steve Tobias, who we quickly find out his an undercover CIA spy!


Top 100 Romantic Films: 31-40

Here we go with ten more . . .


Catherine Zeta Jones Anniversary Photo

A massive fandom of mine over the years has been Catherine Zeta Jones (thanks to her Oscar-winning performance as Velma Kelly in Chicago). It’s actually quite brilliant that she is now on Instagram and it made me very happy to see her latest photo post wishing Michael Douglas a Happy Anniversary. I am a huge fan of the pair and the films they have been in so just had to post this photo as it really has made me all fangirly! Showing that things can really last in Hollywood!

Ant-Man (2015) Review

Scott Lang is given a second chance to make something of his life by Dr. Hank Pym, it involves a special suit which will make him shrink in size and use ants as his allies.


Chorus Line (1985) Review

The film is about an auction to be in a chorus line of a new Broadway show, the director is very demanding and it is a day which will really push everyone to the limits.


Last Vegas (2013) Review

Four friends in their sixties head to Vegas to throw a bachelor party for Billy who was the last remaining single one, but it was not really all that simple. The film starts back when they were all kids and an event which occurred and they still talked about 58 years later.