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Kong: Skull Island (2017) Review


A team of scientists along with members of the Army to explore an unidentified island in the Pacific. But is it really just an adventure to see an island, or does something else reside on it?



Steve Jobs (2015) Review

Steve Jobs takes us on the journey behind the scenes of the man who became a legend after his visionary outlook on computers really did manage to change the world. We are taken backstage at three very different product launches which see him crash and burn, but then end with something incredible.


2011 Independent Spirit Awards

The nominations for the 26th Film Independent’s Spirit Awards have been announced today!

127 Hours

Black Swan


The Kids Are All Right

Winter’s Bone


Two Lovers (2008) Review

I am not really sure exactly what type of storyline I expected but this is not exactly it. I guessed the ending, well part of the ending. Was not really expecting the very ending which was on, but again as you were watching it became obvious what was going to happen.