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Kong: Skull Island (2017) Review


A team of scientists along with members of the Army to explore an unidentified island in the Pacific. But is it really just an adventure to see an island, or does something else reside on it?



Sing (2016) Review


Buster Moon owns a Theatre and he is about to do everything possible to save it when he really has his last chance before the bank takes it off him, so he decides to launch a singing competition.


Anger Management (2003) Review

Dave Buznik is sentenced to take part in an Anger Management course, the only problem is the crazy instructor Dr. Buddy Rydell keeps making him more angry. Can he manage to turn everything in his life around before its too late?


The Lobster (2015) Review

In a dystopian future if you are single (or suddenly become single) you must leave The City and go to The Hotel. You are given 45 days to find a partner/match or you will be turned into animal and released into the woods. You get to pick which animal you would like to be though.


The Hours (2002) Review

The stories of three women, in three different time periods are all linked together mainly with grief and the book Mrs Dalloway.


Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Review

Marvel adds another piece to its universe when we see what is out in space with American and outlaw Peter Quill and how he manages to get himself involved in a huge battle over a mysterious orb.


10 Years On . . . That’s Chicago

Chicago winning Best Picture in 2003 at the Oscars is often regarded as a mistake due to the other films nominated that year. I fell in love with it but then again I am just a little bit of musical geek. So obviously I still love it and have it as one of my all time favorite films. The academy showed its supposed love for musicals that year but Oliver! was the previous Best Picture winner for a musical so it had been a very long time between a musical winning the best picture award. I think it’s quite scary that it is now 10 years on and loved how the cast we involved in the 2013 ceremony. Especially the All That Jazz performance from Catherine Zeta Jones that totally made the whole show for me. It’s a great song one of the best openings to a musical and it also helped show that she still has it after more than 10 years!


For Love of the Game (1999) Review

An aging pitcher Billy Chapel who is on his way out of baseball when his team has been sold and he will be the first player to be traded. But before that happens he goes in search of the perfect game, against none other than the Yankees.


2011 Independent Spirit Awards

The nominations for the 26th Film Independent’s Spirit Awards have been announced today!

127 Hours

Black Swan


The Kids Are All Right

Winter’s Bone


Chicago (2002) / Nine (2009)

While I was writing my review for Nine (and even watching it) I was trying not to compare it to Chicago. Mainly because I love Chicago and it is one of my favorite films ever, so to compare another musical directed by Rob Marshall on one viewing would not be very fair. So I have decided to take a deeper look into both movies and not really say which one is better, but to show comparisons.