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Fast & Furious 8 (2017) Review


Dom gets sucked into a different world when a woman somehow gets him to do something for her, which puts him on the opposite side to his team!



Preview: April 2017 at the Cinema

Each month I have now decided to do a preview/up and coming post of the films that are going to be coming to the cinema. So here we go for April in 2017 and which films we can look to go and see, or avoid I guess. *Note this is for UK releases*

Probably not going to be the best month of the year at the cinema but I certainly have two films that I am really looking forward to. Yes, I know that does not sound like many at all but when you take a look at the better films this month has on offer then I am sure you will fully understand.

So take a look at what is coming to a cinema near you this month . . .


Oscars 2017 – Live Blog!

This year I will attempting to Live Blog as well as be active on Twitter (@LetsGoToTheMov7) during the Oscars. Although this year I haven’t taken any time off work, as I fell asleep anyway last year.


So keep checking back on here and see how far I actually make it through the show! Comments and discussion welcomed!


Moana (2016) Review


Moana has always been drawn to the Ocean but her father has done everything in his power to prevent her from getting very far in it. Her Grandmother has other plans though, when Moana must realise her destiny to find Maui and stop the curse.


San Andreas (2015) Review

California and San Fransisco are hit with many earthquakes which increase in size with each hit. Ray a rescue chopper pilot has promised to find and save his daughter.


Fast & Furious 7 (2015) Review

The team are back for one last outing with this being the last film the late Paul Walker is in, due to his tragic death whilst making the film.


Hercules (2014) Review

We are about to experience the legend that is Hercules and find out if he really is as incredible as the stories of his twelve labours.


Pain & Gain (2013) Review

Three body builders who work in a gym as personal trainers end up kidnapping to get money, but it all doesn’t go to plan when they aren’t very good at it.


Fast & Furious 6 (2013) Review

Hobbs has Dom and Brian reassemble their crew in order to take down a mastermind who commands an organization of mercenary drivers across 12 countries.


The Rock’s Uncle Taught Rourke To Wrestle

How cool, that The Rock’s uncle trained Mickey.

Mickey Rourke was transformed into a professional wrestler by the uncle of grappler-turned-Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson.

Rourke spent months at former World Wrestling Federation star Afa Anoa’i’s Wild Samoan Training Center in Florida to prepare for his role as fallen ring favourite Randy ‘The Ram’ Johnson in The Wrestler.

And Dwayne Johnson – who used to wrestle under the name The Rock – reveals he kept a close eye on Rourke’s transformation from actor to muscle-bound athlete.

He tells, “My uncle actually trained Mickey for the movie, and he would call me weekly and give me progress reports on Mickey. That’s a tough task to go from just being an actor to becoming not only a professional wrestler, but a professional wrestler who’s wrestled for 25 years. My uncle was amazed at Mickey’s progress and his desire to do everything. That takes commitment.”

And Johnson insists he is a huge fan of the film, insisting it accurately depicted the wrestling world.

He adds, “I loved the movie. I thought Mickey’s performance was outstanding. I thought that the movie that Darren Aronofsky created was real and memorable. That world -­ it’s a very visceral, authentic world that he created, and I can’t say enough great things about the movie, and I’m very proud of Mickey.”

Rourke’s performance in the movie earned him a Best Actor Oscar nomination – but he lost out to Sean Penn, who took home the prize for Milk at February’s ceremony.