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My 7 Favourite Steven Spielberg Films

Steven Spielberg is one of the greatest directors of all time. Today he is 70 years old and showing no signs of slowing down and stopping when it comes to making films. To help celebrate this day I thought it was the perfect opportunity to pick my seven favourites of his films. Please bear in mind though that I haven’t seen all of them!


Happy 70th Birthday Steven Spielberg!



29 Today!

That’s right I am now entering the last year of my 20’s I find that so scary its unreal! Each year I try to come up with some different for a blog post. This year my idea was to work out what some of my favourite actors were starring in when they were 29!

Julia Roberts – My Best Friends Wedding

Catherine Zeta Jones – Entrapment

Meryl Streep – The Deer Hunter

Julie Andrews – The Sound of Music

Hilary Swank – Million Dollar Baby



Top 100 Romantic Films: 61-70

Here are the next ten . . .


Dad’s Army (2016) Review


A big screen outing for the much loved 70’s TV series Dad’s Army. All about the English home guard protecting the coastlines and focused on keeping everyone safe.


The Terminal (2004) Review

Victor Novarski arrives at JFK Airport to head into New York City, theres a bit of a problem though his home country since he left has become war torn and no longer recognised by the US. He is therefore stuck in the airport terminal.


Catherine Zeta Jones Anniversary Photo

A massive fandom of mine over the years has been Catherine Zeta Jones (thanks to her Oscar-winning performance as Velma Kelly in Chicago). It’s actually quite brilliant that she is now on Instagram and it made me very happy to see her latest photo post wishing Michael Douglas a Happy Anniversary. I am a huge fan of the pair and the films they have been in so just had to post this photo as it really has made me all fangirly! Showing that things can really last in Hollywood!

Musical Moments – All That Jazz

I have decided to bring back the feature I tried to start a few years ago on a Monday having a musical moment from a film. I think this is something everyone needs on a Monday. A little bit of a musical moment to put a smile on your face!

Playing for Keeps (2012) Review

George is a former professional football player who is currently struggling to get a job after his playing career has finished. He is in the US and trying to help provide for his son, and making a career of being an anchor. While trying to pursue this new career within sport he ends up coaching his son’s team.


America’s Sweethearts (2001) Review

A film based around the press junket of a film, which is actually being held hostage and the two stars who used to be married must come together with some tricky situations along the way.


7 Catherine Zeta Jones Songs

We all know that Catherine Zeta Jones won an Oscar for her role as Velma Kelly in Chicago and the big number is All That Jazz, she has appeared on Broadway and won a Tony Award so I decided to do a little 7 Things list and find 7 songs Catherine Zeta Jones has sung. Some you probably have heard, others you might not have known about. She also released some songs in the UK years and years ago now before she became a Hollywood star!