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Unbreakable (2000) Review


When David Dunn is the only survivor of a train crash everything he knew about his life is about to change. Especially when he meets Elijah Price.



Pulp Fiction (1994) Review

Two mob hit men, a boxer, a gangster’s wife and a pair of diner bandits all intertwine in some very strange moments and events!


Christmas Films – 20-16

20. White Christmas (1954)

Does it really get any more Christmassy than this? Probably not.


Striking Distance (1993) Review

Homicide detective Tom Hardy finds himself being demoted after accusing his partner of being a serial killer. Two Years later it starts happening again, only this time its more personal when the girls being killed are ex-lovers of Hardy’s.


Looper (2012) Review

This film set in the future and then another future when time travel exists, confused yet? 30 years from the films future time travel happens. If someone commits many crimes they are sent back and killed by a Looper, hence then being taken care of for your life.


The Expendables 2 (2012) Trailer . . . I’m Back!

After seeing the trailer for The Expendables 2 before The Dark Knight Rises I have watched it a few times since then. For the absolutely brilliant moment we see Arnold Schwarzenegger appear with a brilliant one liner of “I’m back” . . . I think it’s just fantastic. So tongue in cheek and a fantastic moment! Also it looks better than the first film!

Lay the Favorite (2012) Review

Beth a 30-something woman who is sick and tired of her life as a stripper, decides to make a big move to Las Vegas to become a waitress . . .


Day 6: Favorite horror

I struggle with this genre of films the most, as not a big fan of horror films. Probably debatable if ‘The Sixth Sense’ is more of a horror or a thriller. But for the sake of the 30 Day Movie Challenge it is going to be a horror! Lets face it we all did find it terrifying on the first viewing. It shakes you deep down as you do not realise the big twist coming at the end. We are all scared for the boy as he sees dead people and cannot do anything about it.

Golden Globes 2011

I have grown to enjoy the Golden Globes over the past few years, possibly even more than Oscars. They seem to be more relaxed and fun. Everyone seems to have a good time. This year the big talking point fell around Ricky Gervais who was hosting, some of his jokes not going down very well with the audience. This then lead to him disappearing for more than an hour from the ceremony, leading to talk that he was stopped from coming on to deliver monologue.

So the talk surrounding the Globes is that Gervais will not be asked to host the show for the third time in a row. I personally found his jokes to be rather amusing and I am not usually a massive fan of his. But I guess for the American audience Gervais’ still was a bit extreme. Best moment had to be introducing Bruce Willis as Ashton Kutcher’s dad!

My favorite speech had to be from Robert De Niro when he picked up the Cecil B. DeMille Award (lifetime achievement). He managed to mix thanking people, talking about his career with a very heart warming feel and jokes put in to even it all out. He really is something else!

Colin Firth continued his collection of awards for his performance in “The King’s Speech” and looks almost certain to pick up the Oscar next month. His speech was also just fantastic, being very funny as well. It really is brilliant to see Colin getting the recognition that he so rightly deserves.

My favorite moment had to come from Michael Douglas appearing on stage to present the Best Film (Drama) award. He received a standing ovation from everyone in the room and responded with “there has to be an easier way to get a standing ovation”. It was brilliant to see him on a stage a few days after being given the all clear from his cancer battle. Definetly the most tear jerking moment in the whole ceremony. An icon to all!

The Winners are . . .


The Expendables (2010) Posters

Lots of big names in the cast for this one! Let’s hope it’s not a disappointment. Lets face it I am very happy to be seeing Mickey Rourke in another film, my obsession could really come back!