I spend a lot of time at either the cinema or theatre. You will then find reviews from these films and shows!

Recreating the Movie

Recreating the Movie 11 – Lego Batman!

I decided to wait a few days before adding another movie recreation to the blog after the London trip last week. The Lego shop recently opened in Leicester Square but it has always had a queue and I decided it wasn’t really worth queuing, how wrong that is! Such an impressive shop with so many incredible Lego creations.


With Lego Batman movie out they had a very cool Batman made from Lego! I still need to try and see the film!


Recreating the Movie 10 – Forest Gump

It’s ok to bring a feature back after 5 years without a post right? Well, I think it has to be and this is certainly something I will look to continue with. When I was down in London on  Wednesday we wandered into the shop at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co which is a fantastic restaurant, considering this is a place I have been to three times for food, I had not once noticed the bench with the case and box of chocolates on it!

In that moment I decided that I just had to recreate the movie and be Forest Gump sitting on the bench!


Recreating the Movie 9 – Phonebooth

Another Lego adventure whilst in London, this time ending up in a Phonebooth with the phone ringing . . .

Recreating the Movie 8 – The Queen

Another of the movies I managed to recreate whilst in London involved the Queen herself . . . in Lego form, but this is The Queen!

Recreating the Movie 7 – Skyfall

The weekend in London was very successful and I even ended up featuring in the new Bond film Skyfall as I was about to go in Harrods. From no where James Bond appeared with a gun . . .

Recreating the Movie 6 – Harry Potter

At the weekend I went down to London and took a little visit to Platform 9 and 3/4 whilst in King’s Cross. So this is perfect for recreating the movie and getting Harry Potter involved in it!

Recreating the Movie 5 – Green Lantern

Since my dad went to see ‘Green Lantern’ a couple of months back now, it has been quite a standing joke between us. At a funday on Sunday, he then decided to have the green mask painted on his face. For that very reason I thought it was the perfect time to bring back recreating the movie for the 5th time with my dad . . . the Green Lantern!

Make’s him even geekier the fact that he had the Green Lantern cap on too!!!

Recreating the Movie 4 – Free Willy

This picture taken during summer 2009 when I went out to Massachusetts and spent a few days at a beach house and this happened . . .


Recreating the Movie 3 – The Day After Tomorrow

Inspired by the amount of snow we have had over the past few weeks, taken on new year’s day.

Recreating the Movie 2 – Bend it Like Beckham

The second in the series of recreating the movie, has come from inspiration of my favorite thing football . . . so Bend it like Beckham. From a game I was playing in a couple of years ago now.