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7 Heartbreaking Moments in An Affair to Remember

After taking part in the History Blogathon and mentioning An Affair to Remember, it made me want to watch it again. In the process it also meant that I am inspired to write this post. The film really does break your heart so many times, it’s quite crazy! So I have picked seven times it manages to do just that. But it could actually be more than seven really.


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7 Films for Train Lovers

Well I am currently sat on a train on my return journey home from a couple of days in London. There’s something still so good about trains, and I always love films with a train in them. So decided to pick my 7 favourites!

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The Elephant Man (West End) Review


Joseph Merrick – Bradley Cooper

Fredrick Treves – Alessandro Nivola

Mrs Kendal – Patricia Clarkson

Show Date – Friday 3rd July 2015

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Star for a Day Competition

This blog post is my enter into the Star for a Day competition – read more about it here!

My pick of character will come as no surprise. Elphaba from Wicked!


Day time activity – Go to meet the Wizard so head to Harry Potter Studios

Pre-show activity – Munchkins Restaurant (38 Great Russell St, London WC1B 3PP)

Show – Wicked

Post-show activity – The Green Man Pub (57 Berwick Street, Soho, London, W1F 8SR)


Elphaba is a truly inspiring character who never gives up on her dreams. The biggest being to meet the Wizard, so she is bound to find at least one Wizard at the Harry Potter Studios, and I am sure she can learn an extra spell or two as well. Then for some food what better place to head than the Munchkins Restaurant, they are a very big part of Oz after all, in a place that has a big Wizard of Oz theme she would feel right at home. Then to she herself defy gravity and fly at the show of Wicked and then what better way to finish off the day than a drink in The Green Man Pub, after all she wouldn’t be the only green person anymore and might feel a little better about herself!


Top Hat (UK Tour) – Sunderland


Jerry Travers – Alyn Hawke

Dale Tremont – Charlotte Gooch

Horace Hardwick – Clive Hayward

Madge Hardwick – Rebecca Thornhill

Alberto Beddini – Sebastien Torkia

Bates – John Conroy

Show Date – Thursday 2nd July 2015

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Minions (2015) Review

This is a prequel looking into how the Minions eventually found Gru! Everyone seems to love the little yellow guys and they get a big screen outing of their very own.

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Oklahoma (UK Tour) – Newcastle


Aunt Eller – Belinda Lang

Curly – Ashley Day

Laurey – Charlotte Wakefield

Ike Skidmore – Barnaby Thompson

Fred – Robbie Boyle

Slim – Simon Anthony

Will Parker – James O’Connell

Jud Fry – Nic Greenshields

Ado Annie – Lucy May Barker

Show Date – Saturday 27th June 2015 (Matinee)

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Musical Moments – Oklahoma!

I went to see the latest UK touring production of Oklahoma over the weekend (review will be up soon) so that is why I have decided to post a couple of videos for this week’s Musical Moments.

Ok so it’s Monday so your thinking no it really cannot be a beautiful morning, so I decided to even it out by picking Hugh Jackman’s performance ;-)

Also a clip from one of my favourite films ‘When Harry Met Sally’ involving Billy Crystal and a karaoke machine as he sings a little bit of ‘Surrey with a Fringe on Top’ <3

Blogathon – The Classic Movie History Project (2015)

I was very excited to see a post about The Classic Movie History Project Blogathon last week, so have managed to jump at the chance to look at some older films that I have throughly enjoyed and put my thoughts all together in one post about quite a few films.

The blogathon is being hosted by Fritz at Movies Silently, Ruth at Silver Screenings, Aurora at Once Upon A Screen and sponsored by Flicker Alley. My post is in the modern era . . .

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Knock Knock (2015) Review

Evan a happily married man is left alone for the weekend when his wife and children go to the beach, he stays to work. But one knock on the door is going to change everything, when two young girls are standing in the rain asking for help . . .

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