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V for Vendetta (2005) Review

In a future Britain a terrorist known as V takes matters into his own hands to overthrow the government and get revenge on the people who tortured him.

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Blogathon: Guilty Pleasure Movies


Jenna and Allie over at Flick Chicks have come up with a fantastic Blogathon idea to name and possibly shame yourself with your guilty pleasure movies. Which of those you just absolutely love and they might not actually be that great!

Here are the rules…

1 – You can choose and discuss as many or as few movies as you like. We both did a Top 10, but you can just choose 1 movie if you like. Just tell us a bit about the movie and why you like it so much.

2 – Please create a new post for our Blogathon, rather than linking an old post you may have already done.

3 – Please include our Blogathon Banner anywhere in your post

4 – The deadline for entries is Sunday, 31st August, so there’s plenty of time!

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Lucy (2014) Review

Lucy gets caught up in some business deal she has no idea about, being set up by her new boyfriend Richard. She is then set to do a job … Which doesn’t really work out to the plan of her captors.

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Good Will Hunting (1997) Review

Will Hunting is a young man who works as a janitor at Harvard and has a rather shaky life, another thing about him he is a mathematical genius …

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Dead Poets Society (1989) Review

When English teacher John Keating arrives for the new school year he would teach a group of boys not only a love for poetry but for life as well, carpe diem … seize the day!

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Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) Review

1984 was a groundbreaking novel then turned film in the same year of its name. Winston Smith spends his working days rewriting history and rebels against the current society by falling in love.

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Million Dollar Arm (2014) Review

A sports agent who is struggling to keep his business going when he has no clients left. Until an idea is born to head to India and transform Cricket players into Baseball players.

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The Expendables 3 (2014) Review

They are back for a third outing and have even more star power to go with it, Stallone leading the line for this action packed instalment.

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Before Midnight (2013) Review

We catch back up with Jesse and Celine nine years later. They are currently in Greece with their twin daughters and is being together the paradise they imagined?

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Before Sunset (2004) Review

Nine years have passed since Jesse and Celine first met on that train and spent the night together in Vienna. They have another encounter when Jesse is in Paris on the French part of his book tour, what is his book about? That one special night they had together.

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