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Netflix and TV Shows

Every now and then I tend to become totally obsessed with a TV Show that is on Netflix. I don’t tend to watch a lot of TV shows normally, at the moment I am watching Blue Bloods, Glee and Game of Thrones that is all from the new series of shows that are still being shown on TV. Obviously very sad once Glee starts in the UK that it is the last season, I still enjoy it a lot. This blog post has come about as I have noticed that due to my current TV Show obsession on Netflix I have not been watching any films to review.

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Insurgent (2015) Review

Tris must live and deal with her actions from the first film, the death of her parents and killing a friend. She struggles to understand why everything is happening to her, will she get any answers before it’s too late?

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The Prince of Tides (1991) Review

The Wingo family have hard a difficult life and have a lot of secrets, these are all about to come out . . .

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Calamity Jane (UK Tour) Review


Calamity Jane – Jodie Prenger

Will Bill Hickok – Tom Lister

Danny Gilmartin – Alex Hammond

Katie Brown – Phoebe Street

Henry Miller – Anthony Dunn

Francis Fryer – Bobby Delaney

Show Date – Saturday 7th March (2:30pm)

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La traviata – Newcastle Theatre Royal – Review

Date – Friday 6th March 2015

Venue – Theatre Royal, Newcastle


Violetta Valery – Anna Jerue-Kopec

Alfredo Germont – Ji-Min Park

Giorgio Germont – Stephen Gadd

Annina – Louise Collett

Flora Bervoix – Victoria Sharp

Gastone – Daniel Norman

Baron Douphol – Peter Savidge

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Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966) Review

A drunken evening Martha and George destroy each other in front of a young couple who have just moved to the town Nick and Honey. All taking place from 2am following a party . . .

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Focus (2015) Review

Veteran con man Nicky pulling off his latest scheme has a shock when a woman, Jess turns his world upside down.

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Capote (2005) Review

Truman Capote a writer is intrigued when he learns of a murder of a family in Kansas, that he decides to write some articles for the newspaper he works for, but he is inspired to write a book about it all instead.

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7 Books I Read Before Seeing the Film

Today is World Book Day so thought I would combine books to the big screen and list 7 books I read before watching the film. I used to read quite a bit when I had to commute to work on public transport, but when your travel to work is driving yourself in a car it makes it a lot harder to read. But I have managed to read a few books before the film was even thought about or before it was released.

I haven’t put this classic in the list but I did read it before the film as it was a book we read at school. So I guess somethings are very good at school, a classic book and a classic film all in English lessons!

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What Maisie Knew (2012) Review

A story of heartbreak watching Maisie as she must survive in her parents custody battle, with neither of them actually paying full attention to her . . .

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