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The Purge (2013) Review

Ten years in the future America is a changed place where crime rates are at an all time low, all because one night a year The Purge takes place when you can do any crime you want, even murder and get away with it. From 7pm until 7am will you take part?

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Liar Liar (1997) Review

Fletcher Reede is a lawyer who cannot help but lie and keeps letting his young son Max down. So when he doesn’t turn up for his birthday Max makes a wish that his father cannot lie for 24 hours.

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500 Times at the Movies

A little cause for celebration today on Let’s Go To The Movies as the site now has over 500 film reviews! The current count is 502, as I did not realise the two reviews of the latest films I have seen pushed it over that incredible landmark!

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First Ever . . . The North East Blogger Awards


A few days ago whilst on Twitter something came to my attention during the #NorthEastHour that for the first time ever ‘The North East Blogger Awards’ is going to take place. So I decided that the best way to get the information out there and ask for you to vote for me for me in the lifestyle category! If you did not already know I am from and still live in South Shields. A small seaside town in the North East of England between Newcastle and Sunderland. Probably most well-known for being the finish line of the Great North Run?

Basically all you need to do is head to the website … here scroll down the page a little and enter my blog details to vote for me to win! I would really appreciate if you could do this as find this a fantastic idea for all of the people based in the North East of England who blog!

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1984 A-Thon


An absolutely incredible idea for a Blogathon, which currently has 108 bloggers taking part. Each taking on a different film from 1984, which is now 30 years ago! A few years (just) before my time! I will be reviewing Nineteen eight-four which yes came out in 1984 based on George Orwell’s very popular novel. Click the picture above to see the announcement post!

There is still time to get involved in the blogathon as the following films are still free to review!

Believe (2014) Review

Inspired by a true story, Sir Matt Busby the legendary Manchester United manager helps Georgie Gallagher and his friends become a team to compete in the Manchester youth cup.

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Hercules (2014) Review

We are about to experience the legend that is Hercules and find out if he really is as incredible as the stories of his twelve labours.

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Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) Review


A mechanic and his daughter end up joining the Autobots in a fight against a company and bounty hunter from another world, after he finds Optimus Prime.

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Musical Moments – About Time

Considering I have watched this film quite a few times in the past week, yes really! I forgot how much I loved it from when I went to see it at the cinema. You can check my review out here. So I have decided on the ‘How long will I love you’ version from that film for this weeks musical moments. I really do think its such a fantastic version of the song!

Boyhood (2014) Review

The life of a young man named Mason which was based over 12 years, taking a look into his childhood and finishes when he is 18 years old and starting college.

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