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Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) Review

The Barden Bellas have done pretty well in the past three years, that’s until Fat Amy comes in like a wrecking ball at an event at the Lincoln Centre for the President.

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Only the Lonely (1991) Review

Danny Muldoon a cop in Chicago must eventually break free from his mother to find love and a life of his own. Which is easier said than done . . .

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Spamalot (UK Tour) – Sunderland


King Arthur – Joe Pasquale

Patsy – Joe Tracini

Lady of the Lake – Sarah Earnshaw

Sir Robin – Will Hawksworth

Sir Galahad – Richard Meek

Prince Herbert – Richard Kent

Show Date – Monday 18th May 2015

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Musical Moments – As Good As It Gets

I’ve just got home from the Theatre to see Spamalot and feeling inspired by that (review in progress) . . . I decided that a musical moment for this Monday, which will hopefully make you smile is from one of my all time favourite films ‘As Good As It Gets’ when the legend that is Jack Nicholson gives his version of ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’  <3

Far from the Madding Crowd (2015) Review

Bathsheba Everdene is a highly independent woman in Victorian England who has no problem attracting a potential husband. Only problem is she does not want to get married this doesn’t stop Gabriel Oak a sheep farmer, William Boldwood a mature bachelor and Frank Troy a reckless sergeant from trying their luck . . .

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Chalet Girl (2011) Review

Kim a former skateboarding champion is haunted by her mother’s death and while trying to help support her father takes a job as a Chalet Girl to make more money.

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Eye for an Eye (1996) Review

When Karen McCann’s eldest daughter is raped and murdered while she is on the phone to her and powerless to help, she takes matters into her own hands when the man responsible for this is let go on a technicality.

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Spooks: The Greater Good (2015) Review

A big screen outing for a very popular TV series in the UK, which has been running since 2002. I will admit that I have never watched it, but Netflix UK having it all on I may change my mind after seeing the film. So this review comes from a stand alone view of just the film with no influence from the TV series.

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The Age of Adaline (2015) Review

Adaline has been the same age for almost eight decades she has gotten into a routine of every 10 years leaving her current place and going somewhere new so people don’t get suspicious of her never ageing appearance.

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The Producers (UK Tour) – Sunderland


Max Bialystock – Cory English

Leo Bloom – Jason Manford

Franz Liebkind – Phil Jupitus

Roger de Bris – David Bedella

Ula – Tiffany Graves

Carmen Ghia – Stephane Anelli

Show Date: Monday 11th May 2015

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