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The World is Not Enough (1999) Review

James Bond uncovers a nuclear plot (he’s good at finding them isn’t he) whilst also protecting an oil heiress from her former kidnapper Renard an international terrorist who cannot feel any pain.

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Musical Moments – Moulin Rouge!

I have felt inspired to have a musical moment today as I am putting together a post on Jim Broadbent as my excitement is growing to head to see him as Scrooge in A Christmas Carol on 16th December (which will be my last Theatre show of 2015). So I have decided to celebrate two of his fantastic musical moments in Moulin Rouge!

The Show Must Go On – a rather serious moment which sums up exactly what they all must do!

Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) Review

James Bond must stop a media and self important Elliot Carver’s plan to start a war between the UK and China all so he can film it and have the media rights and global coverage. Obviously missiles are involved as well.

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“There’s nothing more irresistible to a man than a woman who is in love with him.”

Here we go again.

I mean that in two different ways. The first being a second blog post more about life and love but using the films I love. Tonight’s post comes with a rather heartbreaking quote from The Sound of Music. Well I find it that way, considering it is the Baroness who says it to Maria about the Captain. You know the man she is actually engaged to! But the more you think about that quote the more you realise that it is true, if he knows how you feel then it seems to work against you. If he isn’t sure then he’s all for you. Seriously men you really are the complicated ones!

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GoldenEye (1995) Review

James Bond teams up with the lone survivor of a destroyed Russian research center to stop the hijacking of a nuclear space weapon, with plenty of good action scenes to go with it!

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7 Incredible Cate Blanchett Performances

Carol is released in the UK today and I have been looking forward to seeing it for months, after hearing about it while down and in London when the British Film Festival was on. For the premiere I was actually standing so close to the red carpet but couldn’t actually see anything. Cate Blanchett is a double Oscar winner, and been nominated three other times if that doesn’t say something about her incredible ability I don’t know what else will? But she really does have a fantastic range of films and she first came to my attention in Lord of the Rings.

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Licence To Kill (1989) Review

James Bond goes rogue (maybe the world wasn’t ready for that?) as it was very personal as his best friend and his bride were brutally killed on their wedding day.

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The Dressmaker (2015) Review

When Myrtle “Tilly” Dunnage returns to the rural small town in Australia where she grew up. She wants answers on what actually happened in her past and why she was really shipped out-of-town and reuniting with her mother Molly.

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